Tangerine Ripe Pu-erh + Tin (2016yr)
Tangerine Ripe Pu-erh + Tin (2016yr)
Tangerine Ripe Pu-erh + Tin (2016yr)

Tangerine Ripe Pu-erh + Tin (2016yr)

$10 per tin

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A blend of our large-leaf Pu-erh tea and tangerine peel. Tangerine zest adds a lively touch to the flavour of the Pu-erh. Tangerine Peel: Tangerine Peel is commonly used to treat indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting and other forms of digestive weakness or upset. Benefits of Tangerine Peel: It is said to settle, regulate, and normalize the flow of qi (in traditional Chinese medicine, the term for life force), and to break up congestion. In addition, it is believed to enhance the flow of liquids through the body. Origin : China

From: Yunnan province, China.

Harvest/Produced: spring 2017

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