Tie Kuan Yin King
Tie Kuan Yin King
Tie Kuan Yin King

Tie Kuan Yin King

$50 per 100gm

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Tie Kuan Yin???(TraditionalChinese:) is a premiumvariety of Chinese oolong tea associated with Anxi in Fujian Province. Named after the Buddhist deity Kuan Yin, it has also been translated as Iron Goddess of Mercy. We carry a number of different kinds.Tie Kuan Yin is a splendid oolong tea that is always in demand because of its unique elegance. From the dry leaves, you can easily detect a buttery and delicate floral nose with an astringent hint. The thick textured liquor is very smooth and clean and followed by a fresh and dainty orchid fragrance for the finishing. The aftertaste is pleasant and long, carrying a light astringency along with a note ofguava This Tie Kuan Yin is our highest grade (Tea King) Tie Kuan Yin. The name reflects the vibrant colour and beautiful shape of the tea leaves. This is one of China's Ten Famous Teas. We also carry the regular Tie Kuan Yin. Taste: Unlike regular Tie Kuan Yin, the dried tea leaves have a very subtle bouquet. Yet, once steeped, the lovely orchid-like fragrance fills the air. It has a sweet honey note with a hint of floral taste. Refreshing, mild but lasting floral aftertaste. Origin : An Xi, Fujian province, China


Harvest/Produced: spring 2017

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