Wild Orchid Raw Pu-erh (2007yr)
Wild Orchid Raw Pu-erh (2007yr)
Wild Orchid Raw Pu-erh (2007yr)

Wild Orchid Raw Pu-erh (2007yr)

$22 per 100gm

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This tea is grown in the province of Yunnan, which lies on the Tropic of Cancer. In high, specially selected recesses of the Wa Mountains, tea farms have been painstakingly established at altitudes of 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level. The plants yield a pure, top-quality, large-leaf variety of tea. These tea bushes are grown in natural conditions, surrounded by forests, far from sources of pollution. Clouds and mist curl around these mountain heights year round. New plants must grow for seven years, absorbing the essence of this environment, before their first leaves can be harvested. The result is Wild Orchid Fragrance tea. Taste: In outward appearance, these leaves have a sleek, yellow luster. In steeping, the clear, limpid liquor shows hues of orange-green. Its delicate, mellow-wine flavour is tasty and refreshing, finishing in a sweet aftertaste with a distinct and lingering scent of wild orchid. Hence its name, Wild Orchid Fragrance. Origin : Yunnan province, China

From: Yunnan province, China.

Harvest/Produced: 2007

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